The Right Fit


If you’re the average buyer or seller, you’ve looked at a lot of real estate websites and seen a lot of listings.  Most likely, you’ve read a lot of agent profiles, trying to figure out why you would choose one over the other . . . and it all becomes a blur of information overload. So you start asking the typical questions.

How do you figure out which agent is right for you?  Do I want a “Realtor” or not?  Does it matter?  Can they do the job well or not?  How much experience do they have?  Does that even matter?  What about these “brand-name” agencies – how do I find the right one?  And if I find an agent at one of these agent who is really good, do they have time for me?  Where do I even start looking?  What questions do I ask to find the right one for me?

I’ll cut to the chase: I want to earn your business, but I’m not the right broker for everyone.

Let me explain.

If you want an broker who expects you to do all of the work to find the right opportunity for you, and still demands to have a signed agreement to be your exclusive broker to ensure a generous commission check, I’m not the right broker for you.

If you want an broker who treats you like one of a thousand scheduled appointments with no sense of the importance of your transaction, I’m not the right broker for you.

If it bothers you to have an broker provide outstanding professional service and expertise throughout the transaction and beyond, I’m not the right broker for you.

For some people, they would see these points as being ridiculous.  Why would you want to work with someone like that?  I would agree.  However, there are people who want to do the work on their own and don’t want a high level of service and professionalism, and that works for them.  It just doesn’t work for me, either as the client or customer, or as the broker.

In addition to my work as a real estate agent and broker, I’ve been advising real estate professionals across many states as a business advisor for almost two decades, and I’ve also been a real estate investor for even longer.  In simple terms, I’ve been on the other side of the table many, many times, and those experiences have given me plenty of opportunities to serve my clients better.

And, for what it’s worth, I’ve been the guy who wanted to do it on my own, just because I thought I couldn’t find the right person to do it for me.  Call it impatience or just being short-sighted, but I learned the hard way that you should always have skill, experience, and expertise in the transaction, even if you do know what you’re doing.  That’s why I want to do it right for you.

Give me a call on my cell phone at 719-749-8833 or email me at  I may not be the right broker for everyone, but I want to be the right broker for you.